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Bill Howe

One-To-One Clinic Leader


Chuck Stiver

One-To-One Clinic Leader


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Have a question you were afraid to ask during the main meeting in front of all those people? Feel like your questions are too simple or basic for all those "expert" Mac / iOS users? Then the One-To-One Clinic is for you.

The One-To-One Clinic is a forum lead by several of our more experienced users and is focused to the new user. No question is too basic for this group.

At times, the One-To-One Clinic leader may start the session with a planned agenda item, like, "How do I install a printer" or "How Much Ram can my Computer User?". The majority of the session will be open discussion, with anyone having an answer able to contribute. The One-To-One Clinic leaders are there to lead (and learn), and to maybe guide the discussion.